Thursday, February 8, 2018

Daily Guidance - February 8

I drew the first 3 Soul Call cards (on the right) and they just weren't resonating with
with me so I drew the fourth.  Now it was starting to make sense, especially when I 
starting playing with them and read them in reverse order.  

Surrender the Wrestling and Walls both in a troubled relationship and with life in 
general, dear heart.

It was also lovely to see how they were now dovetailing with the two oracle cards
I drew today.

There is a Map leading to another way... more choices than you first realized.  You
can continue to choose to bless the space between you and another and, as best you
can in each moment, quietly, calmly let the struggle go. Follow the path that leads
to where you are fed... and loved. 

Our Lady of Creative Choice will help me to find a new choice, one that leads to
enthusiasm and Joy?


Blessed be.

.         *         .

Mornin', Mary!

.           *          .

St. Joseph, the Carpenter

Our nephew joined the army
and his first day of bootcamp was Monday.

As I sat in daily mass this morning, 
a most wonderful
(and deeply comforting)
thought came.

St. Joseph was a carpenter,
pretty close to a present day
"Horizontal Construction Engineer,"

I sure think so.


Trustin' that St. Joseph 
is watching over our boy
as we continue to hold him
in our thoughts and prayers.

St. Michael, the Archangel,
protect our troops.


.           *          .

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Today's Guidance - February 7

When Navigating by the Star,
I can trust that the 
Tender Mother,
Our Lady of New Vision,
Our Lady of Growth Assured
will be present
in the Vessel of my heart.

.             *             .

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Today's Guidance - February 6

When I answer the call,
I can trust that 
I will be supported
and comforted
with what I need.

When I intentionally 
spend time in my Egg,
my life will Flow
and that is the Jewel.

.          *          .

A Wonderful Surprise

Not long after her mother passed, a Facebook friend from across the sea reached
out to me. She said that, if I was willing, she’d like me to have some treasures that 
she had first given to her mom.

I was touched by her kind offer, especially when she told me that Chartres, where the 
items were purchased when they were visiting there together, is a church dedicated 
to Our Lady (Mary). I was deeply grateful and delighted to accept her generous Gift.

As an aside (or is it?), her daughter has been very, very sick so I had no idea when 
her package of care might arrive.

Well guess what?

It came today!! I knew to expect the labyrinth book and beautiful blue sun catcher. 
I did not expect to find Love, Peace, and Faith all tucked in as well, or the words on 
her card “unnumbered blessings give my spirit voice.” I’m so struck by the timing of 
their arrival, right a group call for an online class that I'm taking that focused on 
Love and Faith. Smiling softly because my secret wish for our earth before Freedom 
emerged was Peace.

Hmmmmm... she says playfully. 

My guardian angel stopping in
to give me the big hug I longed for?  

Yes, I believe so. 

Blessed be.

.            *            .

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Happy Birthday, Girlies!!

I do love them so!

Our favorite 7-year old.

Our favorite 5-year old.

Our sweet baby girl
right before she fell asleep in my arms.

Can you see her cute ponytail?
Or, according to hubby,

Little brother playing with his new cars
while birthday girl looks on.

A little while later, 
I thoroughly enjoyed 
getting on the floor
and playing with him.

Blessed be.

.           *           .